Batam asks for Rp54.7 billion to finance development of islands

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Batam, Riau Islands, May 7 (Antara) - The island city administration of Batam has asked for a budget of Rp64.7 billion to finance development projects in 19 buffer islands next year.

Head of the Housing, Planning and Urban Development Service of the city of Batam Suhar said here on Monday among the projects to be built on the islands include drinking water supply systems (SPAM) and domestic waste water treatment plants (SPALD).

The projects are to be built on the islands of Labu, Boyan, Banun, Karas, Kasam, Kasu, Sembulang, Bulang Lintang, Jolo, Temoyong, Lance, Cengkui, Buluh, Terong, and Belakangpadang.

"But it is only our proposal. It would depend on the Central Government approving it or not," Suhar said.

In 2018, the Public Works and Housing Ministry gave a budget of Rp21.3 billion in Special Allocation (DAK) of SPAM and SPALD development in the Batam municipal administration.

The SPAM projects are located in Tanjunggundap in the sub-district of Sagulung, on the island of Geranting in the sub-district of Belakangpadang, and in Rempang Cate in the sub-district of Galang. The SPALD projects are located in Kasu in the sub-district of Belakangpadang, and Ngenang in the sub-district of Nongsa.

"The 2018 DAK projects are now under construction , all running as scheduled set by the Central Government," Suhar said.

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